Vinnie's CEO Sleepout 2012

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Rock Development Group is proud to announce that Director Maria Efkarpidis will rise to the challenge and participate in the Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout in 2012.

On Thursday 21 June, the annual Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout will take place in capital cities throughout Australia. CEO’s and community leaders will experience what is really like to be homeless for one night in winter and help the St Vincent de Paul Society raise awareness of the real facts of homelessness.

This will be Maria’s first time participating in the CEO Sleepout, she believes it really opens your eyes to the problems and adversities faced by those living on the street.

“We live in an amazing country filled with opportunity and hope, yet our children are sleeping out on the streets not by choice but by various circumstances; some due to financial problems, some due to no family or other personal matters. It scares me and it hurts to know that there are so many people suffering, I want to make a contribution anyway I can no matter how small contribution because every small gesture can have a big impact.”

In 2011 the ACT was able to raise upwards of $439,000.00 which provided some much needed support for those living on the streets. The money raised went towards:

  • Ongoing provision for a 12 bedroom house that offered affordable accommodation for older women;
  • Ongoing support of Kennedy House a 40 bed facility for single men;
  • Funding of vocational education programmes;
  • Subsidisation of travel costs for homeless people in regional areas enabling them to travel to Canberra for medical appointments;
  • Support for people who are already homeless or are in the danger of becoming homeless.

Maria is a dedicated philanthropist and active member within the local community supporting several charities within the ACT. She is also a founder of the Tom Efkarpidis Foundation along with her brother John and sister Susie which focuses on helping children in the ACT.

Having already raised over $3,000, Maria hopes to reach a target of $10,000. Armed with only a sleeping bag and a few pieces of cardboard Maria will brave the winter chills of June and fight to assist those in need.

If you would like to donate to Maria please click here.


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