Rock puts everyone in the loop

on Monday, 23 August 2010. Posted in news

Rock puts everyone in the loop

Rock Development Group unveiled their vision to the public for the $130 million sustainable living development in Belconnen on the 27th of August. At an event attended by politicians and prominent Canberra business leaders Maria Efkarpidis explained how the new development, officially named "loop", would create a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable community in the heart of Belconnen.

Maria Efkarpidis said, "Our vision for loop is of an energetic community where retail outlets open seamlessly onto shared spaces and parkland. Cafés and restaurants will provide alfresco dining opportunities and shared communal spaces will include barbeque areas, vegetable gardens, rooftop gardens and sporting facilities," said Ms Efkarpidis.

She added, "With a refurbished Belconnen Fresh Food Markets at its centre, loop will be a place that shapes the future of sustainable communities in Canberra and leaves a lasting legacy for future generations".

loop will target world's best practice for environmental sustainability under the Green Star communities rating tool and boasts technologies such as electric vehicle plug-in points, geothermal heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems, large scale solar microgeneration systems and rain and waste water recycling systems.

Rock Development Group believes these technologies will facilitate environmentally sustainable living without dramatic lifestyle changes. They also say the environment isn't the only one to benefit.

"The environmentally sustainable features of the loop precinct are low maintenance and use less energy than other systems. This provides an economic benefit, reducing the ongoing cost of living for its residents while making it easy to reduce their environmental footprint".

"Our desire to reduce carbon emissions from vehicles required us to create a precinct where people could live, work, and shop all within close walking distance. The result is a new public space with parks, community spaces and access to facilities for the community," Ms Efkarpidis said.

As part of their desire for sustainable living in Canberra, the Rock Development Group is championing the introduction of electric vehicles in Canberra. As foundation customers for the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Rock Development Group were presented with their first electric vehicle by representatives of Mitsubishi Motors Australia at the event.

Rock Development Group is proud to be one of the first businesses in Australia to receive the i-MiEV.

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