Better Place Australia Announces First EV Charging Point in Canberra

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Better Place Australia Announces First EV Charging Point in Canberra

Better Place Australia Announces First EV Charging Point In Canberra Oct 29, 2010

A year on from the launch of Canberra's planned electric vehicle charging infrastructure, supplier Better Place Australia and the Rock Development Group have today announced the city's first charging spot.
Located at the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets, the charging spot will be available not only to the public, but as the first charging spot for the Rock Development Group's Mitsubishi i-MiEV, acquired under lease from Mitsubishi in August.
The new charging spot is the first in an EV network to be rolled out in locations around Canberra from late next year.
“The charge spot in Belconnen is the first ‘metal in the ground’ for Better Place in Canberra, and a significant and exciting milestone. This achievement paves the way for the next phase of our deployment," Geoff Zippel, Head of Deployment for Better Place said.
Power for the charging station, and for the wider network when it goes into operation, will be provided by ActewAGL renewable energy.
“ActewAGL will be supporting Better Place’s deployment throughout the ACT. Installation of this charge spot at the Belconnen markets is an exciting first step in delivering electric vehicle infrastructure to the Canberra community,” Dianne O’Hara, General Manager Business Development and Strategy ActewAGL said.
Better Place's investment in Canberra will include the installation of charging points in homes, offices, shopping centres and other car parks, where EV owners will be able to plug their vehicles in to be charged.
"Battery Swap Stations" will also be built, allowing rushed drivers to swap their depleted lithium-ion battery for a fully-charged one.


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