loop precinct

Architect: Colin Stewart Architects

Builder: Various

Size: 40,000sqm

Value: +$200 million

Overviewloop will be the one of the largest development Rock Development Group (Rock DG) has undertaken to date. Aiming to develop of the world's first truely sustainable communities, loop will represent an inspired community pursuing new ways to live, work and play in complete harmony with the environment. Expanding upon the much loved Belconnen Fresh Food Markets, loop will embrace a precinct filled with cafes, unique retail stores, beautiful open green spaces, residential living and innovative office spaces invigorating a more sustainable way of life. 

Provide a real sense of diversity and choice from standard residential living in Canberra, loop will create an active and collective community in a vibrant sustainable hub.

loop is a 40,000 square metre precinct comprising of 338 apartments, 8,575 sqm of office space and further space for retail, restaurants, cafes and speciality stores. The precinct designed by Colin Stewart Architects and Rock DG has been designed to achieve the highest possible environmental standards with innovative features to obtain a 6 green star community for loop.

Incorporating the latest innovations to create Canberra’s very first socially, economically and environmentally sustainable community. loop will set the benchmark for world’s best practice for sustainable community living and property development. loop features modern green star rated buildings, combining retail, residential and commercial spaces. At the heart of the design is the unique atmosphere of the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets – which will be refurbished to include the tall ceilings typical in the world’s most popular marketplaces loop will encourage European inspired street life with cafes, restaurants, marketplaces and shops opening onto shared spaces, landscaped pathways and parkland. loop facilitates a more active, enjoyable and community-oriented lifestyle. Work places, home, shops, fresh food, fine dining, entertainment, recreation, arts, community, cultural facilities and public transport will all be within walking distance. Or you could even jump on one of the communal bikes. The entire precinct will be connected via covered paved walkways and shared zones. Community gardens and barbecue areas will further add to the socially sustainable lifestyle. 

Green technology will feature rooftop solar panels, advanced geothermal systems to regulate heating and cooling, rain water harvesting areas, open green spaces, rooftop gardens and communal areas.

Imagine your future at loop.


loop precinct