Childhood Obesity slims down in Australia

on Wednesday, 04 May 2011. Posted in blog

Childhood Obesity slims down in Australia

I was pleased to read a study by the World Health Organisation which claimed childhood obesity in Australia has begun to decline in some areas of the community.

The cause of the reversal has yet to be fully assessed, however the study leader, Professor Boyd Swinburn believes the public perception of childhood obesity has gradually changed:

“There has been a lot of media awareness of childhood obesity over the last decade and there has also been a range of initiatives promoting good nutrition and active play in early childhood settings...” (Canberra Times, 28 March).

The impact of these findings is nothing short of extra-ordinary for us and we know the fight against childhood obesity is not over.

Our initiative, the Healthy Hoops 4 Active Kids is designed to educate children on the advantages of healthy living and physical activity has helped to bring this change about.

We must continue to service the community by creating sustainable and physically active lifestyles, because as the title of the article says, the battle is not yet over. But this leads to an even greater opportunity, to see Canberra become the leader in cutting Australian obesity levels, and continue to protect our youth.

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